OpenStack job market doubles, open-source opportunities abound

OpenStack engineers make nearly 40% more than other cloud engineers

If you're looking for a hot skill set to learn, says OpenStack is your best bet.

"Investing your time in learning OpenStack pays off," proponent Jason Baker notes. "OpenStack outpaces other cloud infrastructure jobs considerably."

The reasons to consider learning OpenStack, according to, a Red Hat-supported site:

  • The job market has doubled. "Many companies are creating OpenStack jobs faster than they can fill them, and new companies are coming into the fold all the time."
  • OpenStack engineers make an average of 36% more than other cloud engineers. "Taking an average of stated hiring ranges from across the United States, an OpenStack engineer can expect to make about $133,000 a year, compared to $98,000 for non-OpenStack cloud engineers."
  • It's open source, making it "a great place for budding engineers to get started" with a myriad of free resources.

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