Send huge, 10GB email attachments with Gmail and Google Drive

If you're not using Google Drive to its fullest yet, this is a reason to start: way bigger email attachments in Gmail

There are tons of large file-sending sites out there, but most of us just want to share files the direct, old-fashioned way--by sending an email. Inevitably, however, we run into email file size limits. You can now bypass Gmail's meager 25MB attachment size limit by using Google Drive.

By integrating its cloud storage service, Google Drive, with Gmail, Google now lets you attach files as large as 10GB (400 times larger than traditional attachments).

The feature is rolling out over the next few days. When it does for you, you'll see the new option to insert a Google Drive file in Gmail's new compose experience (there'll be a Drive icon at the bottom of the window). All you need to have is your specific file(s) saved to Google Drive. Google Drive gives you 5GB of free space and with the Google Drive app on your computer, all you need to do is save your files to the Google Drive folder.

Well, one more thing. You'll have to share the Drive files you want to attach with the recipient you're emailing, but Google lets you do that easily without leaving your email.

Here's more info from the Official Gmail Blog.

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