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Microsoft cloud is not all pie in the sky on 10/20

Nadella and Guthrie to tag-team talking up Azure in SFO

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Get ready for another Microsoft enterprise event. This month, Redmond will be talking cloud. And they're bringing out the big guns.

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Mary Jo Foley calls her travel agents: [What's a travel agents? -Ed.]

Microsoft is holding a "What's ahead for Microsoft's Cloud" event on October 20. ... Satya Nadella and...Scott Guthrie will both be presiding during the one-hour event. [It] will be webcast live.

Microsoft is continuing to crank out meaty, regular updates to Azure. ... Last week alone, Microsoft announced general availability of its Redis Cache Service [and] of its Disaster Recovery to Azure...service; the public preview of Elastic Scale for Azure SQL Database; additional features for its DocumentDB NoSQL service and more.  MORE

So Alex Wilhelm will take the helm: [Ugh -Ed.]

Mark your calendars. ... Again.

Microsoft is continuing its recent history of coming to the Bay pitch its new products and wares. ... There is a certain having cloud announcements in San Francisco: Seattle and the surrounding areas are quickly becoming Cloud City — with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are both headquartered in the vicinity. ... I suspect [it's] an attempt to help it build market and mindshare among growing startups.

Notably, still-new CEO Satya Nadella will touch down for the event. He didn’t show up for the recent Windows 10 shindig. I presume that Microsoft rolls out Nadella when they wish to attract more mainstream attention.  MORE

And Barb Darrow notes the competitive timing:

Big cloud in packs — at least when it comes to those put on by...Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Last March, the three giants counterprogrammed each other’s events. ... And they’re at it again.

News of [Microsoft's] confab comes two months after Google disclosed plans for another Google Platform Live event also in San Francisco on November 4. ... And that, of course comes a week before AWS: Reinvent conference in Las Vegas November 11. ... So here we go again.  MORE

But Rod Trent fishes for a complementary angle: [You're fired -Ed.]

Microsoft rarely initiates an event like this without some big announcements. I'm told that both Nadella and Guthrie will deliver a sort of "State of the Union" for Microsoft's Cloud...including customer use cases. But, again, this can all be done in a blog post.

Reading the tea leaves, I fully expect more than just a "Where are we now?"  MORE

Meanwhile, Neal Weinberg is at the haus of maus: [It's a small world, after all -Ed.]

ORLANDO -- Striding onstage with an air of confidence and purpose...Nadella scored high marks on both the style and substance of his keynote appearance today at the Garner ITExpo [saying] that Microsoft’s strategy going forward is "mobile first, cloud first."

He handled pointed questions from Gartner analysts Drue Reeves and Merv Adrian with candor, admitting that Microsoft "got it wrong" in a few areas when it came to Windows 8. ... He said Windows 10 is "the first step in a new generation of Windows," architected to run on all devices, including the Internet of Things.  MORE


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