9 cool iPhone 6 accessories you'll use

9 cool toys for iPhone users.

9 cool iphone 6 accessories youll use

If you are among the estimated 14 million plus lucky shoppers who managed to buy an iPhone 6-series phone so far, then you may want to take a look at these cool accessories.

External storage

The i-FlashDrive EVO is a neat little flash drive for your iPhone. Equipped with both USB 3.0 and Lightning connections the diminutive device lets you add up to 128GB of storage to your iPhone or iPad -- great for in-flight movies. You can also easily copy files between device and PC, without needing to sync. If there's a snag it is the price -- from around $100, depending on capacity.

iPhone socks

Yes, really, iPhone socks. Sensoria's smart socks feature a highly sophisticated motion sensor inside a top-quality pair of cushioned socks. These monitor how you run -- not just how many paces you take, but how you take those paces: where your feet land, the cadence and how you hold your center of balance. Compatible with most smartphones they'll contribute rich data to HealthKit. $149.


Easy charge

Most travelling iDevice users already carry a Mophie, but a NomadKey is another handy tool. The no-frills contraption clips to your keyring and provides you with an Apple Lightning port at one end and a USB at the other -- you can always charge your Apple device, so long as you can find a USB port to plug into. (From $25).


OtterBox Defender

If you're going to bulk up your iPhone with a case, you may as well get one that counts. OtterBox Defender is that case. Available in a variety of colors these cases deliver best in class impact resistance, screen and TouchID protection and even ship with plugs designed to protect your iPhone's ports from becoming blocked with debris when you travel. (From $59.90).

More light!

This tiny flashgun offers 40 LED lights controlled over Bluetooth from your iPhone using an app. To help you get better images you use the app to control the flash in order to help create Gentle, Warm, Neutral and Bright flash intensities; say goodbye to washed out skin tones! $59.

iPhone unlocking

In the future, folks may replace conventional key-controlled door locks with smartphone-controlled alternatives, such as OkiDoKeys keys. These retrofit to existing door locks and let you unlock your door using your iPhone. The big advantage of these systems is that you can create, share and revoke door keys from anywhere at any time. From $199.


Those seeking hints about Apple's next adventures in wearable tech should ponder Ralph Lauren's sensor-laden Polo Tech shirt. Tiny sensors woven in the garment gather biometric data: movement, heartbeat, respiration, stress levels and energy output, and then share this information with your iPhone or other device. Just like the Apple Watch, Polo Tech won't ship until next year, so you can try the Adidas MiCoach shirt while you wait.

Bicycles for the mind

Cyclists! Do you fumble for your iPhone's Maps app when waiting at the lights on a wet day? Fumble no more with a BioLogic Bike Mount WeatherCase. Mount it to your bike, pop your iPhone into the companion weatherproof case and use your iPhone without so much fumbling. $35.


The GripTight GorillaPod Stand XL has to be one of the most useful iPhone tripods around --- it lets you set your smartphone up to take pictures from almost anywhere. ($29.95).

One more thing…

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away three years ago yesterday. A fascinating Rolling Stone retrospective says Jobs kept one book near at his passing, Miracle of Love. Perhaps you should take a look?

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