HP plans to split company -- AGAIN

Apotheker: This plan sounds familiar.

apotheker great idea meg

HP is splitting off its PC and printer business to concentrate on the enterprise. Has CEO Meg Whitman made a good decision? More important, do HP shareholders think so (this time around)? Their reception is crucial, because the last CEO that tried to split HP was sent packing.

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Marc Ferranti drives in reverse:

Reversing the corporate strategy CEO Meg Whitman set three years ago, Hewlett-Packard is set to announce...that it will split off its PC and printer business into a separate...company.  MORE


And Dante D'Orazio surfaces, then splits:

This is not the first time talk of splitting HP has surfaced. During [HP's] very tumultuous 2011, reports suggested that executives were close to making the...same decision to split off the enterprise division.  MORE


Now, Jack Schofield resurfaces:

It's not clear why the [split] idea has resurfaced now. However, IBM has shed its PC division and its x86 server business...to China's Lenovo...and HP is trying to compete with IBM in the enterprise market.

Whitman could be hoping for a boost in the HP share price that will come from being seen as an enterprise supplier.  MORE


Ron Amadeo rejects a proposal:

[This] is basically the plan...proposed [by] Léo Apotheker. ... Shareholders didn't like the plan though. So after Apotheker was fired and...CEO Meg Whitman took over, she decided to keep the PC division.  MORE


Startup L. Jackson knows the spot price of ink:

HP sells ink for $75/oz and controls 40% of a huge market. That does not suck.  MORE


MG Siegler sounds fair -- to middling:

HP to break into two companies. One mediocre, the other middling.  MORE


Meanwhile, Tom Krazit conjures up Carly:

Should we consider this the final referendum on the Compaq merger?  MORE



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