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Windows 10 download is 'incredible... empowering... amazing'

Download Technical Preview build 9841 in 3... 2...

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The Windows 10 download is melting the internets: Build 9841 Technical Preview is up and running.

Wait... So what happened to version 9?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make a rockumentary. Not to mention: Nigel in his prime

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. But hey, enough of my yacking. What do you say? Let's boogie...

James Niccolai goes to 10 -- look, right across the board:

Microsoft's major update to its operating system...has been built to blend old and new in a way that will be familiar to Windows 7 users while also retaining much of its more modern tile interface. ... It ships next year.

Microsoft jumped to Windows 10 to reflect what it sees as a big break from the past. "Because we're not building an incremental product," [said] Terry Myerson. ... Enterprise users...have been most critical of the jarring UI changes that came with Windows 8. ... Microsoft is promising a universal development platform [so] app developers...can write applications that will run across all Windows devices. ... There will also be a single Windows apps store for all [which] businesses will be able to customize for their employees. ... Windows 10 will have a "novel way" to separate corporate and personal data.

Microsoft will start to distribute a "technical preview build"...this week.  MORE

Exactly, Mary Jo Foley. Where can you go from there?

Thanks to many leaks leading up to Microsoft's reveal about its next version of Windows, there wasn't a whole lot that those of us who've been paying attention didn't know. ... It's going to be the last major version of Windows.

[Later today] Microsoft will open up its site so that those interested in testing the Enterprise Technical Preview version of the operating system can download the early bits. ... Microsoft will push regular updates...over the coming months. ... The Enterprise Technical Preview (Build 9841) will work on x86 machines only.

I'm betting [that in] late October at TechEd Barcelona, Microsoft will go public with what it's doing on the Windows Server and systems management front. ... At the next Build conference in April 2015, Microsoft will talk more about the developer story. ... Microsoft is aiming to deliver the completed version of Windows 10 by mid-2015.

Most of the new features...had leaked. ... There were a couple of new features...demonstrated, including a new Snap Assist feature. ... Users will be able to snap apps horizontally and vertically with Windows 10. A new task view will help users navigate between Virtual Desktops.  MORE

Microsoft's Terry Myerson needs that extra push over the cliff: [You're fired -Ed.]

It’s a humbling and amazing thing to work on Windows. ... Windows is at a threshold :-). It’s time for a new Windows.

Windows 10 will run across an incredibly broad set of devices – from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters. ... Some of these devices have 4 inch screens – some have 80 inch screens – and some don’t have screens at all. [But] we’re not talking about one UI to rule them all – we’re talking about one product family [so] there will be one way to write a universal app that targets the entire family [and] one store [with] one way for applications to be discovered, purchased and updated.

Tomorrow, we are excited to announce the Windows Insider Program...intended for PC experts and IT pros who are comfortable using pre-release software with variable quality.  MORE

And Gabe Knuth ponders why Microsoft didn't just make 9 louder:

The most surprising thing about the announcement was that it would be called Windows 10. ... In response to a question about the rationale...Microsoft suggested that it’s such an improvement over Windows 8 that...we’ll all agree that Windows 9 should have been skipped.

Microsoft demonstrated a new command prompt [with] the ability to use normal copy and paste shortcut keys in the command prompt window...and a clipboard editor to remove oddball characters that would lead to syntax problems. I have been waiting nearly 20 years for that feature to be built in to Windows.

Microsoft is finally getting the message that you can’t expect enterprise users to simply get used to something new. ... I just wish Microsoft thought that way in 2012. ... For the first time in a long time I’m actually excited to get my hands on Windows. ... Microsoft is making a strong attempt to get it right as opposed to trying to drag us along...on some cockamamie path to a twisted future.  MORE

Meanwhile, Chuckk Norris makes 10 the top number:

Desktop users can now use Windows Store Apps and they’re not completely useless by taking over the entire screen while you’re multi-tasking.  MORE

Update: Juan Carlos Perez spontaneously combusts (It just wasn't really widely reported):

The Technical Preview version of the new OS you'll be installing is raw and design. ... Your threshold of tolerance for change should be high. ... If you're shy about expressing your opinion, this program ain't for you. ... To revert the PC to the OS you were running before...won't be easy. [It] will have to be reinstalled. ... Windows 10 Technical Preview disables the PC's ability to play DVDs using Windows Media Player, and it removes Windows Media Center.

And if you're moving from Windows Vista? You're fried.  MORE

And Finally…
These go to 11


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