SDN: HP launches app store for enterprise

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HP has opened a Software Defined Networking store for enterprises to download migration, security, cloud and mobility apps for their business.

The vendor, which is arguing that SDN is now 'mainstream,' is bringing a platform for HP customers to connect with third party developers and download to its testing environment to make the most of a firms' SDN, or migration to SDN.

HP is training developers in SDN so they can build relevant apps -- a course it claims is "oversubscribed" -- and offers them a competitive go-to-market structure. Companies that have encountered problems with their SDN migration, or want to improve the SDN they already have in place, can go to HP's app store and download the app they want to their environment to test, all with enterprise-grade security covered by HP.

"Our customers are eager to transform their network architecture into a competitive advantage, and SDN applications make that possible," said Antonio Neri, HP's senior vice president and general manager, servers and networking.

"With the HP SDN App Store, we have completed the final piece of the SDN ecosystem by offering a vibrant, robust marketplace of innovations that supports more than 5 million users and provides support to customers as they migrate to SDN," Neri said.

Jacob Rapp, HP's global marketing lead told ComputerworldUK that there have been 3,000 app downloads, with at least one third of that from customers, since HP began trialling the ecosystem last year.

Virtual Application Networks SDN controllers were most popular, along with apps for traffic issues with Microsoft Link, Rapp added.

In addition, HP has counted 5,000 development kit downloads.

HP has begun training developers within their channel -- courses which are oversubscribed, it claims.

The app store will open for U.S. customers from 1 October with applications for purchase at varied pricing options. It is likely that the European launch will be announced at HP's Discover conference in Barcelona, scheduled for December.

In August, research and analyst firm IDC predicted that the market for SDN network applications will reach $1.1 billion by 2017.

This story, "SDN: HP launches app store for enterprise" was originally published by Computerworld UK.

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