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Windows SOMETHING will be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users

One Windows Three Hundred and Sixty-Ninth.

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According to varied reports, the next version of Windows should be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users. Problem is, nobody is quite sure what to call the next version. Will it be known as Windows 9, Windows TH, Windows 365, or the version that made our Windows 8 headache go away?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wait until tomorrow's not-so-secret.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Juan Carlos Perez puts the past behind him:

After spending the past two years in damage control mode over Windows 8, Microsoft will officially begin a new era for its OS on Tuesday, when it's expected to unveil a preview of Windows' next major version during an event focused on enterprise customers.  MORE

If you use Windows XP, Chris Smith might get your hopes up:

Multiple Windows 9 reports have suggested that Microsoft is considering releasing [it] as a free download to certain existing Windows users. Some said that Windows 8 [users] will get Windows 9 free of charge, while others claimed [Microsoft is] considering...special offers for existing Windows XP users.  MORE

A link appearth briethly on Mark Wilson's browther: [Ahem - Ed.]

Slightly ahead of schedule, a page [appeared] on the Microsoft website that [included] a download link to the 32- and 64-bit of the Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise.

Intriguingly, the page [referred] to a version of Windows named Windows TH, but it's not clear that this is actually name that will be used.  MORE

Nick Mediati believes in free lunches:

According to Indonesian news site Diantoro, the president of Microsoft Indonesia, confirms that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users.

Users are becoming more accustomed to free operating system updates. ... And after the negative reception Windows 8 received, Microsoft has some added incentive to earn back its users' trust.  MORE

And Mary Jo Foley cracks open a thesaurus:

While some inside and outside [Microsoft] have been referring to Threshold as "Windows 9" during its planning stages, Windows 9 isn't necessarily the name Microsoft will use for the new OS. Microsoft instead may call the next version of Windows just plain Windows or "Windows One." I've heard some speculate Microsoft might go with "Windows 365" for the new name.  MORE

Meanwhile, Paul Thurrot plays the naaaaaame game:

While we've had hints about a naming change for Windows 9 for much of this year, the early Vegas line was that Microsoft would dispense with the numbers and just go with the more general "Windows" name for this release. Maybe not.  MORE


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