Google's massive new Dutch data center to cost $770M

Eemshaven's mean, green, advertising machine

Google is to build a new European data center in the Dutch city of Eemshaven, Groningen. It's said to be "hyper-efficient," whatever that means. But la GOOG isn't the only company interested in the area.

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David Meyer reports:

Google is set to build an enormous data center in Eemshaven...invest[ing] $772 million...over four years. [Eemshaven] pitches itself as an ideal location for such things – it has access to many kinds of renewable’s a landing station for international internet cables, and it has a mild climate that’s conducive to cheaper cooling.

Google already has three major European data centers:..Hamina, Finland; St. Ghislain, Belgium; and Dublin, Ireland. The need to build out capacity in Europe comes not only from requirements for low latency...but also from unease...among enterprise customers over using services that are based in the U.S., due to the revelations of...Edward Snowden.  MORE

And Jason Verge is not ridiculous:

Netherlands’ technology profile continues to grow with continued data center investment. The region has strong infrastructure, cheap property prices and supportive legislation, as well a perfect climate to keep cooling costs down.

The Eemshaven facility will span 44 hectares and was chosen because of stable Dutch energy supplies. ... Google has operated a data center in Eemshaven, owned by TCN, for over six years. ... Apple, another tech giant big on renewable energy, is said to be considering a data center in the area, with similar reasons. ... It has also been reported that Microsoft is building a 17.5 megawatt data center in Noord-Holland, just south of [the area].  MORE

Google's William Echikson struts his stuff:

The Internet is growing fast and so is demand for our services, from search to Gmail and YouTube. ... At a time of high unemployment throughout Europe, the project promises a welcome infusion of jobs.

The new Dutch data centre will benefit from the latest designs in cooling and electrical technology. It will be free-cooled - taking advantage of natural assets like cool air and grey water. ... Our data centers use 50% less energy than a typical datacenter. ... This will be Google’s fourth hyper efficient facility in Europe. ... It’s much more efficient to build a few large facilities than many small ones.  MORE

Your humble blogwatcher looked at one of those other facilities a while back:

Its Finnish data center...adds a major new twist: Seawater cooling -- or SWAC (SeaWater Air Conditioning). ... Be sure to check out the videos at the ["MORE" link]. You'll get to see the data center, some construction footage, and the obligatory HVAC-porn.

Seawater cooling...reduces your CO2 emissions...reduces your electricity bill and improves your PUE. ... But it's not as simple as it sounds:..You can replace one damaging environmental impact with another. ... Sea water is dirty. ... Sea water is salty. ... Returning hot water to the sea damages the environment.  MORE


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