Can a cat video save Windows Phone?

I can has market share?

Microsoft has tried just about everything to help Windows Phone succeed, to no avail. So it's turning to the Internet tried-and-true: A cute cat video. Will that really help juice up market share or is it a sign of desperation?

The video, which you can see below, hits all the buttons that lovers of cute cats like pushed: cats dressed in human costumes, cats performing human tasks, kittens acting like kittens, and all to a twee-sounding soundtrack that's more Apple than Microsoft. The cats spend plenty of time using the Lumia 930 Windows Phone.

The video, titled "Catz using Lumia 930" was created by Mia Mullarkey, and won a social media contest Microsoft launched in order to promote the Lumia 930. It was filmed using the Lumia 930 camera. No surprise: The cats spend plenty of time using the Lumia 930 to text, view photos and do most of the things that Microsoft hopes that humans, not cats, will do.

If you're a cat lover, you'll no doubt watch the video. But you'll also no doubt not buy the phone. The time has long passed where viral videos can save Windows Phone. It's not likely this video will go viral, anyway. Watch it and you'll feel as if you've seen it a dozen times before.

So in answer to the question "I can has market share?" the answer is clearly "No."

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