An iOS 8 troubleshooting guide

Don't panic!

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Battery life:

Some users are complaining of reduced battery life in iOS 8 -- confusingly, others say it has improved. You can check which apps are hogging battery life in Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.

Force Close troublesome apps (double click on the Home button and switch them off in the view that appears), delete those you can live without, and disable Location Services and Background app refresh for those apps.

You can also extend battery life by switching off Location services for the following: Diagnostics & Usage and Location Based iAds in Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services.

Multitasking Gestures intermittently fail:

To fix this, enter Settings>General>Multitasking Gestures and toggle it to Off, then switch it on again. You may need to repeat this step as the problem seems to recur intermittently.

FaceTime problems

Some users report problems making FaceTime calls. One suggested solution is to access Settings>General>Date and Time> and toggle Set Automatically to On. You must then Restart your device.

Save Messages

Check Settings>Messages to see how long your Messages will be stored, you can delete them immediately, after 30-days, a year or keep them forever.


Some users find QuickType a little awkward to use. You can switch it off in Settings>General>Keyboard.

More help

If none of these tips help then visit Apple Support Communities and send product feedback to Apple.

I hope these tips help most iOS 8 users resolve any teething problems.

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