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Windows 9 preview download in 2--3 weeks

Redmond warming up official Tech Preview build, as videos of Partner Preview leak

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Prepare to download the Windows 9 preview build. Microsoft confirmed it'll unveil the next version of Windows—codenamed Threshold—in two short weeks.

The event in San Francisco is expected to herald availability of the not-quite-beta build, assuming Satya's gang follow the usual playbook.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers warm up their download managers. Not to mention: Rafael Mantesso's awesome 'grams

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Mark Hachman says some sooths:

Microsoft has begun inviting reporters to an event concerning “what’s next for Windows.” ... It doesn’t take Nostradamus to connect the dots.

Microsoft won’t confirm its agenda, but all conventional wisdom points to some type of preview of Windows 9, also known as Threshold. ... Some build of Windows 9 has been provided to hardware partners...details have steadily leaked over the past few weeks. ... The fact that the event invite mentions enterprise customers may be good news for IT administrators.  

Simon Sharwood snarks it up:

New videos of a Windows variant thought to be Windows 9 have emerged, and to this hack's eyes they look to have brought Windows up to speed with...Linux. ... The feature in question is being described as “multiple desktops” and looks an awful lot like the “workspaces” that have been around in...Gnome for years [and] also on offer in that version of Red Hat I about 2004.

A second video...shows off...the familiar Start button, plus a column of Live Tiles. Clicking on the Live Tiles adds another column displaying the content to which the Tile links.  

And Preston Gralla shows all three of the vids:

I've used plenty of virtual desktop applications on multiple operating systems. ... The Windows 9 one looks to be one of the simplest to use...although it's no killer feature.

As for the new Notifications feature, it...alerts you to a variety of actions, such as messages via Skype. The notifications appear...then fade away. You can pull up them all up on a screen, click any to see more detail, close any individually, or clear them all at once.

Both new features keep me looking forward for when the Technical Preview finally hits.  

But Alex Wilhelm wonders about other editions of Windows:

Microsoft is not expected to release a preview of its updated version of Windows RT, which may include Windows Phone components, until early 2015.

The event is two weeks out, meaning that it is go time. Let’s see if Redmond can right the Windows ship.  

So Paul Thurrott will be sure to wear some flowers in his hair:

Looks like I'm going to SFO...the invite has finally arrived.

If you think of Build 2014 as Chapter 1 for the next Windows, you can think of this event as Chapter 2. ... This event is not focused on consumer features. [It] will be led by Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore.  

Update: Are we sure it'll be called "Windows 9"? Gregg Keizer rules:

The San Francisco press conference will introduce the next iteration of Microsoft's venerable Windows operating system. Most pundits and analysts expect the OS to be dubbed "Windows 9." [It] may be either the last major release...or the first in a string of smaller, less-ambitious updates as Microsoft accelerates its already too-fast-for-enterprise release schedule.

The mention of "enterprise" in Microsoft's invitation bolsters the speculation that Windows 9 will be primarily aimed at business and corporate customers. ... It's important for Microsoft to make Windows 9 attractive to those customers...if Microsoft is to convince them to move beyond Windows 7. ... Microsoft may offer a public preview of Windows 9 at the time of the Sept. 30 reveal, or shortly after.  

And Finally…
Rafael Mantesso's awesome 'grams
[hat tip: Xeni Jardin]

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