ATK CIO says metrics-driven IT paves the way for innovation

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When I first got here you could have anything you wanted as long as it was a BlackBerry. I can securely support having iPhones and iPads and now I have very few BlackBerries and almost everyone converted over. I have to control that and I do via policy. We obviously know what's connected to the network and if someone tries connecting something to the network that they shouldn't, we have so many tools in place now that we know that's happened and we can have a discussion or conversation with that person and explain why perhaps they shouldn't be doing that anymore.

In the spinoff of our commercial sporting business we will look at creative ways to do things. Perhaps we will have a BYOD policy and open it up a little bit more but I think we're going to go after that on a more controlled basis. For me, it's all about understanding the risk that would be introduced into the environment and is the CEO and the staff comfortable with taking on that risk? If we're not then we won't do it. What's on your agenda for the year ahead?

Kubacki: The company announced back in April that we are spinning off our commercial sporting business and then we are merging our aerospace and defense business with Orbital Sciences. We're doing a lot of planning for that and what needs to be available on day one after the transaction closes and what doesn't need to be available and how we continue to find ways to improve our service offerings while driving cost out of the environment. That's really what's occupying most of our time right now.

We still have a couple of active ERP implementations going on. Again, our strategy was to get down to two ERP systems. We're almost there. We have a go-live on a key one in aerospace the first of April and there's a lot of time and attention being spent on that. We're doing a new ERP system in sporting that's also taking a lot of time and attention. We've still got a few things left to do to finish the implementation of the strategic plan. That's really what's driving my personal time.

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