Taking control of data debris

Data retention is getting out of hand at many organizations. Information life-cycle governance can help you cut back and save money.

debris galveston 2008 fema
Federal Emergency Management Agency (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

How much of the data your organization is storing is actually debris that should be swept up and disposed of?

Corporations are drowning in data, and IT budgets can no longer keep up. The amount of data we create, collect and store is ever increasing, and the days of simply buying more storage space or shifting the data off to the cloud for somebody else to store are numbered, because it’s inefficient and expensive. IT budgets can now be as high as 7% of total corporate revenues in many sectors, putting significant pressure on CIOs to cut costs wherever possible. While responses such as system consolidation, outsourcing and cloud storage may help, they are just chips in the peak of an iceberg. Companies must think more strategically about their information management and retention strategies if they want to stay afloat.

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