Windows 9 leaks show the desktop rules again

Desktop users may find Windows 9 to be an operating system they can use.

Desktop users, rejoice. A new batch of leaked screenshots from Windows 9 shows an operating system designed for desktop users, not just for those with tablets.

The leaked screenshots come from the German Web sites Computer Base and, and appear to be from the Windows Technical Preview expected to be released at the end of September or early October.

The most revealing screenshot shows the Windows Store, which is a Metro app, running in its own window on the desktop, with an option button on the upper left of its screen, and minimize, maximize and close buttons on the upper right. Clicking the option button brings up a host of choices, including searching, sharing, and so on -- options that typically are available in the Charms bar or one of its submenus.

 windows 9 store options

Why is this important to desktop users? Because it means that you'll be able to use Metro apps on the desktop just as if they were desktop apps.

The screenshots also show new buttons being added to the desktop taskbar, including one for search, and one for switching between virtual desktops. Other screenshots show how you'll create virtual desktops, and how you can switch between them.

windows 9 add desktop
windows 9 virtual desktops

The upshot of all this? If these screenshots are accurate, Windows 9 could go a long way towards making desktop users happy with Windows again.

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