Really, just a Post-It note would have worked fine

This IT tech gets word that a particular employee at a remote office is to be terminated the next day due to poor productivity, according to a pilot fish in the know.

"Equipment was gathered up during the termination and shipped back to the tech a week later for proper processing," says fish. "As the tech unboxed the notebook and opened it up, he saw a piece of masking tape over the built-in webcam on the top half of the LCD bezel.

"Baffled as to why it was there, he removed the tape to discover something surprising: The user had painted over the webcam with thick white paint. No amount of scraping or cleaning would remove it. The webcam was ruined and would require an out-of-warranty replacement, a cost the company would have to incur.

"Pictures were taken, with emails sent back and forth between the IT team members showing what was found. After much debating, all on the team could only come to one conclusion: The user was paranoid we or someone else was watching him through the webcam, so he blocked the camera with paint and then put masking tape on it to hide the paint.

"Maybe he'd still have his job if he hadn't let his paranoia affect his productivity."

Paranoid? Sharky's got that covered. I'll file the identifying marks off your true tale of IT life before publishing it. So send it to me at You'll get a stylish Shark shirt if I use it. Add your comments below, and read some great old tales in the Sharkives.

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