12 Key Strategies for Unlocking the Secrets of SharePoint User Adoption

Steps and approaches for improving SharePoint user adoption

For the past few months, I've been working with Clare Hastings of The Eventful Group, who has been faithfully transcribing a presentation I gave in Melbourne, Australia where I talked about a dozen lessons that I’ve learned about SharePoint User Adoption. The results of her efforts is a three-part blog series on the Share Conference blog.

Here’s where you can find the posts:

Part 1 covers the first four strategies:

  • Remember that adoption is not the end game
  • Focus on solutions that solve meaningful business problems
  • Make it personal for each user
  • Don’t get overwhelmed – you can prepare!

Part 2 covers strategies five through eight:

  • It’s all about change, which is pretty much always painful – so I’ve got some advice about how you can minimize the pain
  • Focus on making people comfortable that they will be able to get their job done – and don’t overwhelm them by trying to train them in everything about SharePoint all at once (as if that were even possible)
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Make sure you have a support plan

Part 3 wraps up the series and includes:

  • Don’t forget the fun stuff! (There are some strategies in here that others have successfully tried that might work in your organization.)
  • Keep in touch with your users – it’s really about listening
  • You’re never done – adoption is a journey, not a destination
  • Share and connect with others – my favorite part about going to and speaking at conferences is the opportunity to learn what others are doing. I’ve got a lot of speaking engagements coming up this fall so please check out my website to see where we can connect and share!

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