But it looks so nice now!

It's summer, the time of year at this large wholesale plant nursery when business is slow and supervisors decide to spiff up their work areas, reports an IT pilot fish there.

"Shortly after this particular office's re-do, we started getting complaints at the help desk from users that their printer would only work intermittently and their Internet was extremely slow now," fish says.

"We checked things out by pinging the IP addresses and could confirm that there were indeed dropped packets.

"So we went about our business of checking routers between the server in the main building and the rest of the network all the way to that particular office, starting at the server end.

"We didn't have any packet loss until we went into the office -- which was looking great, by the way -- and connected downstream of the switch in their office.

"It was only then that we looked at the cabling in the room and noticed that, to get it up off the floor, they had taken a desktop stapler and stapled the wire to the sheet rock above the mop board at the floor.

"We replaced the wiring in the room, which restored the network connections back to the pre-cleaning stage. We then instructed the supervisor to direct his staff not to use a stapler on the network wiring again."

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