Y2K quotes of note

I>"The lawyers and the journalists are having a really bad day. The journalists have nothing to write and the lawyers have no one to sue."

--Global Marine Inc. CIO Dick Hudson

"We're declaring victory, although I don't think there was even a fight."

--Peter Guyton, IS director, Fuji Medical System

"We're damned if we do and damned if we don't here. If there are no problems, then people say, well, there was never an issue."

--Consultant Peter De Jager

"A black eye, a bump in the road."

--Navy spokesman John Fleming Navy on the U.S. Naval Observatory's Web site briefly displaying the date is Jan. 1, 19100

"We're bored to death down here. It has just been flawless."

--Conectiv spokesperson Mary Rucci, Newark, Del.

"I don't think I watched so much TV in all my life."

--Connecticut CIO Rock Regan

"Using the words Orville and Wilbur Wright wrote in a telegram they sent nearly a century ago: 'Success [stop] Inform press [stop].' Happy New Year."

--FAA chief Jane Garvey to President Clinton

"At least the food is good."

--Scott Peterson, spokesman for the National Association of Securities Dealers in Washington, referring to the fare at the company's five Y2K response centers.

"Not only were the infrastructure systems operating on Guam, but a plane landed and a baby was born."

--U.S. Y2K czar John Koskinen

"The lights didn't go out at 12."

--Michael Forman, the country manager in Moscow for Galileo International Inc.

"We're not declaring victory, but it looks good."

--U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson

"I feel quite flat really. I think probably in a day or two, when we've had a chance to reflect, yes, we will feel very satisfied."

--Christ Goodyear, Y2K program manager at Canterbury Health Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

"People didn't throw 300 [billion] to 600 billion [dollars, Gartner Group's estimate of the total Y2K spending] to fix a problem that didn't exist. People spent 300 [billion] to 600 billion fixing it, and that's why nothing happened."

--Dale Vecchio, research director at Gartner Group in Stamford, Conn.

"Y2K is a lot of balonie [sic], chill out with a large pepperoni."

--Sign outside a pizza shop in Worcester, Mass.

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