Lost Hard Drives Found at Los Alamos

Two computer hard drives containing nuclear secrets that disappeared at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico reappeared under mysterious circumstances June 16. They were found behind a copy machine in a previously searched ultrasecure area of the facility called X Division.

The incident prompted a full-scale FBI criminal investigation and triggered congressional calls for sweeping security reforms at the laboratory. It's believed that the disks never left the facility and may have been inadvertently misplaced by an employee, said Energy Secretary Bill Richardson in a statement to a Senate committee last Wednesday.

Nike Recovering From Web Site Intrusion

Nike Inc. is gradually regaining control of its Web site after crackers last week seized the sneaker company's domain name and rerouted users to an Australian site with anti-Nike messages. But an undetermined number of users couldn't get through to more than 30 hours after the problem was discovered because some Internet service providers, which Nike declined to identify, haven't cleaned up their cached - that is, old - versions of Nike's Web pages.

White House Restricts Cookies on Fed Sites

Now that the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy is stopping the use of so-called Web bugs to track the Internet browsing habits of visitors to its antidrug Web site, privacy advocates want to know what's being done to ensure that people's privacy is protected on all government Web sites.

The Clinton administration is already taking action: In a memorandum sent last week to the heads of all federal executive departments and agencies, Jacob J. Lew, director of the Office of Management and Budget, announced restrictions on the use of Web bugs and other Internet cookies on government Web sites.

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