Management Resources and Publications

Besides Computerworld and our ROI Magazine, here are some publications devoted to management and leadership and information technology that you may want to check out:

Harvard Business School Publishing

This page offers executive summaries of articles From The Harvard Business Review and Harvard Management Communication Letter Online newsletter. For a miniscule fee, often $2.00-3.00, you can order the specific article you'd like to read. Searches on the terms "leadership" and "information technology" each yielded 300 articles. The site has a specific starting point for managers ( which has executive summaries of management specific articles and a tool box of web resources which includes a career guide, book reviews and a neat self management self-assessment tool, that send back your results and recommended Harvard Business School Publishing resources (for purchase) that will help you enhance your skills as a manager.


"A bi-weekly online resource that offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources. These include analysis of current business trends, interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty, articles based on the most recent business research, book reviews, conference and seminar reports, links to other web sites and so on." Content is divided into 14 sections, including "managing technology."

MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR)

A quarterly publication, published by The MIT Sloan School of Management, the SMR is a "business journal that bridges the gap between management research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in management. US individual subscribers$89/US institutional subscriptions, $148. Access abstracts and some limited content here.


The magazine pursues the highest-level business issues via case studies, interviews, scholarly research, journalistic reports, profiles, and first-person accounts. There is also the "Idea Exchange" here, strategy+business's interactive salon. From Booz·Allen & Hamilton, Inc.

McKinsey Quarterly

Navigable by region, industry or function find articles on economics and management from the McKinsey & Company consultancy. Requires free registration.


Published by The Drucker Foundation. A quarterly journal. Find leadership and management articles by top thought leaders from the private, public, and social sectors. Limited full text access to articles. Annual Subscription rate is $149.

Worldlink Magazine

The bimonthly magazine of the World Economic Forum addresses the demands and problems faced by global business.

CIO Magazine

An IDG publication directed at CIOs and management level IT professionals. CIO has a leadership resource center.


Wharton Leadership Digest

Leadership in Action

A bi-monthly newsletter from The Center For Creative Leadership (CCL) and Jossey-Bass Publishers. Offers "articles designed to help practicing leaders hone their existing skills and identify and develop new ones." U.S. subscriptions (6 issues per year) are $99 for individuals and $124 for institutions.

On Center

Also from the CCL, CCL's bi-monthly (free) e-Newsletter examines, summarizes and delivers tools, tips, and advice to practicing managers who face the daily challenges of leading.

Centers and Institutes and Organizations

The Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management

Find links to recommended readings, leadership courses, leadership programs of other institutions, publications, events, a page of information and resources to devoted to ecommerce and leadership and more.

Society for Information Management (SIM)

Is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing its membership with an infrastructure to access "international IT perspectives, continuing education opportunities and an elite network of peer resources through programs designed exclusively for the information management executive." SIM has regional chapters.

The American Management Association (AMA)

The AMA is a "membership-based management development organization. AMA offers a full range of business education and management development programs for individuals and organizations." The cost of membership varies (an executive membership is $225; a professional member ship is $45). The AMA offers a trial membership and sample access to its member content. One piece of content you can check out with your trial membership is Mworld ($file/portal.html?Open), The AMA's portal site. Find libraries, forums, articles, news and more here. The AMA offers a multitude of seminars, self-study courses, conferences, best management practices, books and web resources. For leadership, visit The Leadership self study courses here ( Stop here to check out the 200 different seminars on today's key management topics that the AMA offers. These include 14 seminars on IT management. ($file/portal.html). We don't usually devote so much space to one website, but there's a lot going on at the AMA's website. Here you have free access to an executive guide to emerging management trends, and 300 articles, reports and websites on more than 40 management topics.

The Conference Board's Information Management Center

Founded in 1995, The Conference Board's Information Management Center has grown to an international network of more than 300 senior decision-makers representing over 100 companies participating in the nine councils comprising the Center. There are a number of different councils in this area, including "The Council of Information Management Executives," which provides a forum for senior managers to review problems and solutions – whether the topic is client-server technology or customer service. The Conference Board is a membership-based organization with a mission to help executives build strong professional relationships, expand their business knowledge, and find solutions to a wide range of business problems.

The Information Management Forum (IMF)

An international association of business and IT executives which provides a platform for sharing the best in past experiences, current practices, and future innovative directions. The executives and senior managers participating in IMF represent Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations in the US, Canada and Europe. Has CIO executive meetings focus groups and other kinds of networking events.

The International Association for Management Of Technology (IAMOT)

IAMOT is devoted to supporting research and application projects, encouraging education in the field of Management of Technology, the exchange information with other individuals and organization and acting as an information resource center in the field of Management of Technology. Find resources here, forums.

The WITI Foundation

The WITI Foundation, founded in 1989 is dedicated to advancing women in technology and increasing the number of women in executive roles in technology and technology-based companies.

TechMan: The Technology Management Network

An international network for the development and dissemination of best practice in innovation and technology management. Find links to: conferences and workshops, publications, tools, education & training, and associated networks.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

A nonprofit educational institution devoted understanding and expanding the leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations. The CCL offers leadership development programs, assessment tools and services.

The International Leadership Association (ILA)

Serves as an independent global network for all those with a professional interest in leadership.

General Leadership Resources

Leadership Knowledge Base

Leadership links on a variety of topics compiled by Michael J. Freeman, an R&D Project Manager at Agilent Technologies' Lightwave Division

Big Dog's Leadership Link Page

Part of the Big Dog Leadership page, a "leadership guide is for new supervisors, managers, leads, and anyone wishing to move up through the ranks as a leader." Links on a variety of management and leadership topics from leadership assessments, leadership definitions to change management and more. A lot of these links are old, but still valuable. Page created by Donald Clark.

Leadership Competencies

From The Institute For Leadership Dynamics (iLD), which conducts and supports a broad range of research and education on the dynamics of leadership. Lists and defines leadership competencies.

Professional and Leadership Development

Guidance on identifying and developing leadership styles and responsibilities. In addition, it outlines the characteristics of successful professional development programs. From The National School Boards Association

CEO Express

Has a variety of articles and resources on executive management topics.

Test Your Leadership

An anonymous test with 15 questions, which offers a customized (general) response/evaluation based on your answers.

Leadership Library

Recommended books on leadership. From Leadership Strategies, a professional service firm specializing in counseling senior business executives.

Online Leadership Resources

A fairly comprehensive list compiled by David Swenson, Associate Professor of Management at The College of St. Scholastica, in Minnesota

Executive Education Program Rankings, reports and listings

Bricker's Executive Education Search Page

Find programs- distance, graduate, seminars, part-time, here.

Financial Times Executive Education 2000

"An integrated global ranking of business schools in two categories: those who work with companies to provide customized programs and those who supply non-degree open enrollment programs. Central to the two rankings is the views of those managers who purchased the programs and attended the courses."

U.S. News and World Report's Executive MBA ranking

Customizable ranking list by variables.

Corporate Universities

A Fortune Special Report on how the creations of corporate universities leverage knowledge in the enterprise. The report was produced in association with Corporate University Xchange, a New York City-based corporate education and research firm.

The Financial Times Business Education page

Has feature articles, resources and surveys on business education and its current trends.

Bricker's International Directory 2001

Petersons Guides, 32nd edition (December 2000), 1175 pages, $316.00

A guide to executive education programs. "Includes content, costs, strengths, length of program, and

target audience in programs offered by universities and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Executive Education Search Engines

" is a specialized search engine directory for professional development, education and distance learning, offering access to information and resources in the areas of business, higher education, medicine, and technology." Executive Education Seminars & Conferences

A searchable database of conferences and seminars

Executive Education Articles

Guidelines for Selecting Executive Programs

Suggestions on narrowing the field to programs that can accommodate individual learning needs, meet your expectations for quality, and are aligned with your organization's management philosophy and strategic goals.

Team Teaching,2915,0|1|AD|750,00.html

An article in CFO Magazine about the benefits of corporate and university partnerships.

Custom Suits,2924,0|1|AD|1409,00.html

A CFO Magazine article about how companies find tailored programs fit their executive education needs. Has some survey information, including a list of custom program providers and the number of programs and the school revenues.

School Search - A CIO article about choosing exec ed classes

A CIO magazine article on locating exec ed programs which integrate strategic uses of technology for business into their executive education curriculum.

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