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I love this concept, this Computerworld Executive Suite. A destination for top level IT leader: a private, secure environment to share ideas, ask questions, find answers and offer up a few thoughts of your own. It's the ultimate networking event with your best sources of information: our peers.

Another information source? When information overload is your daily battle? Good point. But consider this: IT departments and the executives who lead them are more critical to their organizations than ever before. We are at the table. Stop and take a moment to relish that. Puff out that chest, hold your head high and be damn proud of what you bring to that table for your organizations. (OK, that's long enough, get back to work.)

As we all know, the businesses that succeed are those that can capitalize most efficiently on their IT investments. Please note the intentional lack of hype in that statement. It's not about how fast we can ramp up new technology, how quickly we can transform to an e-business, how fast our market cap can inflate on the announcement of some potential upside we have cultivated. What it is about is vision and innovation of IT when making the investment. It's about the knowledge and experience to follow through on that vision, as well as the ability to adapt that vision to the changing environment. The stuff that got us here, not necessarily the stuff that put us in the headlines.

The dot-com world - along with all of us who still believe the Web really is changing everything - is being held to the rules of the "new New economy". Or is that the economy formerly known as new? Or is anything new long enough to be called new in Internet time?

Wait! What are we talking about? The Internet economy isn't over. It's just begun. Analysts are still predicting that B2B internet transactions will grow from around $500 billion last year to more than $5 trillion over the next three years. Technologies as ubiquitous as wireless, as undefined as peer-to-peer and as inevitable as Win2K are all still pushing forward. Many of the usual suspects are saying the next twelve months will see the adoption of many of these pick up steam. Recognition of the core value of IT has never been stronger.

But don't confuse that with the use of technology for its own overhyped sake. Business sensitivity has never been sharper when it comes to return on investment - and return on innovation, as well. We have to make sure the process and pricetag are dead-on. We're the ones that know how to make that happen.

IT knows how to run IT. We know what IT can and can't do for a business. If you bellied up to the table at your organization and pitched your story and they listened, you were probably successful. Good for you. If you gave it your best pitch but they decided to ignore it, you either let your resume do the walking or you bided your time. Either way, it's a new game these days.

We're determining the rules of this new game. But with that authority comes the continued growth of responsibility and the need for answers. That's why we've developed this members-only online community. To provide a safe place and a trusted network of peers. Here we will offer up a highly select, exclusive range of content, opinion, resources, tools and information direct from the source. You've been invited here because you are one of the elite leaders in IT and we are privileged to have you as a member. Welcome. Now let's get to work.

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