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Most Premier 100 honorees agree: They're in their dream jobs now. Here's a sampling of those who told us about the other jobs that would make their hearts sing

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Dream Jobs

Susan Sumner 40

Executive director, IT Alza Corp.

Mountain View, Calif.

"My dream job is to be an independently wealthy philanthropist; I think I would enjoy having money to do good deeds. Until that's an option, I think I'll stick with managing IT. I like teaming with the business; I like when my group is respected as adding value to the organization, and I appreciate having the opportunity, support and capability to get things done." Ellis E. Moore 48

Vice president, IT Nobel Biocare USA

Yorba Linda, Calif.

"To someday manage a small company."

Bart Stanco 44

Senior vice president, CIO Gartner Inc.

Stamford, Conn.


David C. John 47

First vice president, CIO Bayerische

Landesbank New York

"National coordinator of security infrastructure protection and counterterrorism for the U.S government."

Glenn Palmiere 38

CIO G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital

Arcadia, Fla.

"My dream job is being the governor of the state of Florida. The ability to change the lives of so many people would be so rewarding. Too often, the frustration of work is that someone has to make a decision and no one ever wants to make it, especially if it's controversial. I would love to be that person who listened to the different options and then made the decision."

Alan Rosa 30

Director, NT systems and engineering Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Teterboro, N.J.

"Simply put, my dream job is to continue to participate in a progressive IT organization that practices forward thinking and recognizes the contributions of its IT team. If I had to name a specific position, it would be CIO of Walt Disney World."

Ash I. Shehata 34

Director, IS and telecommunications, Antelope Valley Health Care District

Lancaster, Calif.

"My dream job would be to develop the software that would enable health care organizations to become fully electronic and automated, which ultimately benefits the patients and their families. Too many organizations worry about the business and lose sight of the customers and their needs."

David Watson 43

CIO Enfrastructure Inc.

Aliso Viejo, Calif.

"My 'next' career: Taking what I've learned and experienced as a CIO and teaching it to others in a university setting."

Elizabeth A. Page 55

Director, IS Equiva Services LLC


"Any place where I feel like I'm contributing to improving the work environment and helping people to find joy and purpose in their work. I am particularly interested in making a difference for women in the workplace."

John A. Fiore 50

Executive vice president, CIO State Street Corp.


"My dream job is to be a musician and a composer."

John Hummel 47

Vice president, IS, CIO Sutter Health

Sacramento, Calif.

"I used to say 'sheepherding in New Zealand,' but then I met a sheepherder from New Zealand and after listening to how hard his job was, I have now switched to easier paths! What I would love to do is teach IT management to the next generation of IT health care leaders."

Klaus O. Schafer 51

Assistant surgeon general for medical readiness science and technology U.S. Air Force

Bolling Air Force Base Washington

"CEO of a company that is working on the leading edge of combining medical informatics with biotechnology. It is the future!"

Mark H. Brooks 41

Projects team manger Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association -- College Retirement Equities Fund

Charlotte, N.C.

"CIO or CEO of an organization involved in positively changing people's lives. I love helping others and would like to one day use my talents there."

Roger Gray 39

Vice president of information systems and technology services, CIO Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

San Francisco

"Farming or ranching in Oregon."

Thomas H. Murphy 38

CIO Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.


"A job where I can build an organization from the ground up with a culture of openness, clarity, sharing, fun, enthusiasm and success. A job where everyone shares a common sense of purpose and passion, where we are doing good and making money, and everyone is participating in the ownership and success. A job that my family can join in, and we can work side by side so I can see more of them! The best focus for me would be a job requiring creativity that includes music, sports and family."

Richard J. Fishburn 56

Vice president, CIO Corning Inc.

Corning, N.Y.

"As a senior leader who has had many gratifying professional positions, I've realized the dream job is as a good husband and father."

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