Thinking Thin: Thin Client Overview

Server-based applications feeding thin-client systems can cut hardware maintenance and upgrade costs. Read how IT departments are seeing fewer end-user problems and better control over applications and data using such deployments.

Tech Check

Is thin-client computing sufficiently scalable and robust for mission-critical enterprise use? Yes and no, say users.

Is Thin Client Enterprise-Ready?

Sure, thin clients offer a lot of advantages. But are they good enough and scalable enough for critical enterprise applications?

Case Study: Cleaning Up Remote Sites

One company's thin-client implementation has allowed it to simplify software updates and expand corporate e-mail.

Case Study: Big Bank, Slim Software

Wells Fargo is using Citrix MetaFrame to cut branch office servers and reduce total cost of ownership by 75%.

Case Study: Feeding Off the System

With servers in Italy and clients in Pakistan, the World Food Bank shows it can move in and set up shop in a matter of hours.

Q&A: The X Factor Online exclusive

Computerworld asked Steve Swales, chairman of and a senior manager at Sun Microsystems, about the strengths and limitations of the X Window System standard for thin-client computing—and how it will evolve.

Thin Clients for Tough Times Online exclusive

Computerworld asked Steve Kaplan, a vice president and general manager at Vector ESP Inc. and co-author of Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Terminal Services: The Official Guide, about what thin clients can and can't do.

Tarantella: Beyond Windows Online exclusive

A middleware approach to thin client offers considerably more than just Windows applications.

Thin-Client Software Online exclusive

A look at several different thin-client systems. 


$497 million

Total virtual user interface software sold in 2000.


Compound annual growth rate through 2005.

$497 million

Percent of virtual user interface software sold for Windows operating systems.

Steady Growth: Virtual user interface software revenues, 2001 - 2005
Year $millions
2000 497
2001 582
2002 675
2003 776
2004 892
2005 1017

Source: IDC

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