The CueCat's Meow

Finally, a tech publication has incorporated CueCat bar codes. This complements the way I keep track of developments in the industry. I usually peruse my weekly stack of publications at home, marking articles of interest to myself or other team members. Then, at the office, I go to the publication's Web site to find the electronic copy of the article and either save it for myself or forward the link to others I know would be interested. But most publications' search engines give you a 50/50 chance of finding an article by typing in the title. When CueCat first came out, I thought it would be great if publications would include a bar code with every article. And now you've done it.

Frederick G. Hall

Chief technology officer

Air Force Research Lab/ IF Directorate

Rome, N.Y.

Editor's note: So far, we are using CueCat on a few selected pages. We encourage readers to let us know how we can use this technology to better serve your needs.

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