Computerworld's Premier 100 IT Leaders FAQ

Can I still nominate someone for this award?

Unfortunately, we've closed the nomination period for this year. Please watch this page for news next spring about the 2003 awards.

When will the list be published?

Our list of the 100 Premier IT Leaders will be published in January 2002. The list will be available in the printed version of Computerworld and online at Computerworld's Premier100 site.

Are there minimum criteria that an individual must meet to be a Premier IT Leader?

Yes. To qualify, an individual must be:

- Promoting an IT vision that supports the company strategy

- Identifying strategic opportunities provided by IT

- Thinking beyond short-term tactical needs to long-term strategic goals

- Understanding business needs and profit/loss responsibilities beyond the IT department

- Tying technology and innovation to specific business needs and goals

- Using technology to gain an advantage over the company's competition

- Taking calculated risks but have contingency plans in place

- Learning from failure and using these experiences to improve IT processes and product

- Hiring inquisitive people who like to explore and are innovative

- Creating work environments that are positive and rewarding to employees both inside and outside of work

- Encouraging staff to be innovative and come up with ideas

- Motivating with recognition and opportunity, not just money

- Comparing best practices with peer companies

- Leveraging their technology vendors as partners

- Developing leadership skills inside the IT organization

- Viewed as a leader by other executives and by the IT staff

If a person was named a Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader in the past, will they be considered again this year?

No. Premier 100 IT Leaders are not eligible for the award again.

Will someone who was more frequently nominated have a better chance of being named an IT Leader?

No. A single nomination was enough for anyone to be considered for this award.

What happens if my status changes (i.e. title change, job change, retirement) after I submit a nomination form?

Please forward updated information and all questions to

What was the deadline for submitting an IT leader's information?

The deadline for submitting a nomination form was Friday, July 13, 2001.

Will I be notified when Computerworld has chosen its winners?

Those chosen as Premier 100 IT Leaders will be notified in September. The final list and supplement will be made public in the January 2002 issue of Computerworld.

What if I have a question that wasn't answered in this FAQ?

Please e-mail your questions to

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