Abuse of H-1B Visa System Is Rampant

I suspect there are several reasons why IT and engineering professionals object to the H-1B program, as implemented . The program was ostensibly designed to meet technical service needs and fill shortages. What actually happens is that H-1B workers with the same skills as many out-of-work U.S. workers are brought in for the purpose of bidding down contracting rates and salaries and making quick profits.

In the U.S., people from the same countries as the H-1B workers abuse and cheat them, paying them far less than half of the gross billing and holding them hostage by taking away their passports and return tickets. Even when they find out what's being done to them, these well-educated, competent and honest professionals often feel powerless and continue to accept these conditions as preferable to deportation.

Maybe it's time for all professional and technical service firms to engage in full disclosure and announce billing rates and consultant/contractor compensation to clients and workers. The more ethical firms already do that, and in so doing earn the respect and loyalty of their clients and consultants.

Charles H. Collins Jr.

IT consultant

Ledgewood, N.J.



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