Computerworld's 35th anniversary issue

We look back on technology's journey through the revolutionary projects and industries that continue to drive innovation — and look ahead with predictions from IT's pioneers and visionaries.


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From the early days of basement offices, where IT professionals struggled to validate their contributions to their companies' bottom lines, to today's seats in the boardroom, where high-powered CIOs command million-dollar budgets, the world of the IT leader has seen some big changes in the past 35 years. Computerworld revisits technology's journey from promising contributor to the central role it plays in today's economy in our special 35th anniversary issue.


35 technologies that shaped the industry

To celebrate Computerworld's 35th anniversary, we looked back over the years to find the 35 most important advances in corporate IT.

The Evolution of the IT Leader
With five decades of corporate experience to look back on, IT leaders can examine their past and consider where technology and their roles are headed. We asked four famous IT leaders—Charlie Feld, Ron Ponder, Ralph Syzgenda and paul A. Strassmann—to help us examine the aftifacts of the evolving IT culture and the changing role of the IT leader.
- Present at the creation
- Business process re-engineering gets a second wind
- The Search for Quality
- Computerworld's founder looks back on 35 years

The Next Big Thing online exclusive
Computerworld asked six IT luminaries to describe the next technological advance that will radically change the business landscape.

Timeline: 35 Years of IT 1967-2002
Follow the history of the IT industry with key dates and events throughout the years—from 1967's first issue of Computerworld to last year's HP/Compaq merger.


IT Is the Future - Patricia Keefe
Our 35th anniversary issue is more than a walk down memory lane. In recognition of the fact we've only scratched the surface of the potential of the technical revolution, we talked to dozens of industry visionaries and pioneers about their current obsessions, how they see the role of IT evolving and what they think is coming down the pike.

1967 Shows The Past Isn't Prologue - Pimm Foxx
The trouble with prognostications is eventually some come to pass, giving currency to the illusion that the past is a decent guide to the future. This is particularly true when it comes to technology vendors.

Tomorrow's Computers Benefit All - Michael Gartenberg
Computing power in the next 35 years will help the world resolve many of its current problems. But how that progress is likely to occur is difficult to pin down.

35 years of tech flops - Frank Hayes
For every technology hit, there were a few misses. Columnist Frank Hayes looks at the technologies that didn't light the world on fire.


Sabre: Technology Takes Flight
American Airlines' Sabre reservation system pioneered e-commerce and helped revolutionize air travel.
- Dateline: A timeline of the Sabre reservation system
- Has mainframe technology crippled the GDSs? online exclusive

Wal-Mart: A Supply Chain Forged
By investing early and heavily in cutting-edge technology, Wal-Mart changed the face of business with its inventory and supply chain management system.
- Dateline: A timeline of technology advances at Wal-Mart
- The 21st century bar code online exclusive

Amazon: The Web's Best Seller drew consumers to the web in droves and revolutionized inventory control.
- Dateline: A timeline of technology advances at
- The Creation of Consumer Commerce on the Web online exclusive

FTD: Coming up Roses online exclusive
FTD planted the seeds of e-commerce with its easy-to-use Mercury network, giving florists a technology that fit their business.
- Dateline: A timeline of technology advances at FTD online exclusive
- Company Snapshot online exclusive


MasterCard/Visa/American Express: Securing Credit Data
They didn't invent the technology, but Mastercard, Visa and American Express have been pioneering power users, building fortresses of secured customer data.
- Dateline: Key dates in the evolution of technology in the credit-card industry
- Tuning the Transaction Network online exclusive

UPS/FedEx: Signed. Sealed and Delivered
FedEx and UPS have pushed the technology envelope with an obsession with information and a fierce game of one-upmanship.
- Dateline: A timeline of technology advances at FedEx and UPS
- Overnight couriers take wireless inside online exclusive

Fidelity/Schwab/Citibank: Banking on Technology
Banks and brokerages like Fidelity, Schwab, Citibank and Wells Fargo have used technology to connect with consumers in an increasingly cut-throat marketplace.
- Dateline: A timeline of technology advances for banks and brokerages
- Schwab embraces the Internet online exclusive


Computerworld reporters talk with the movers and shapers of the IT industry about their predictions for the future of technology.

Steve Ballmer
Craig Barrett
Carol Bartz
Gordon Bell
Jim Bidzos online exclusive
Michael Capellas online exclusive
Vint Cerf
John Chambers online exclusive
Michael Dell
Hector De Ruiz online exclusive
Whitfield Diffie online exclusive
Nick Donofrio
Esther Dyson
Larry Ellison online exclusive
Charlie Feld online exclusive
Michael D. Fleisher online exclusive
Carly Fiorina online exclusive
John Gantz
Jim Goodnight
James Gosling online exclusive
Sanjay Kumar
Dale Kutnick online exclusive
James Martin
Scott McNealy
Bob Metcalfe
Gordon Moore
Greg Papadopoulos online exclusive
Eric Schmidt online exclusive
Bruce Schneier online exclusive
Clay Shirky online exclusive
Tom Siebel
Matthew J. Szulik
Alvin Toffler online exclusive
Telle Whitney online exclusive
Ann Winblad
Irving Wladawsky-Berger

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