Google improves corporate network searching

Google Inc. today announced an upgrade to its corporate search technology and a new product for high-priority searches in large corporate databases.

To date, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has offered two versions of its Google Search Appliance (GSA), designed to search corporate Web sites and intranets (see story). The GB-1001 was designed for single departments and medium-size companies; the GB-8008 was aimed at large corporations. The GB-8008 product has now been improved, and a new product, the GB-5005 introduced, the company said.

The GB-5005 is designed for high-priority search services on databases of up to 3 million documents. It has been created for situations such as customer-facing Web sites and companywide intranets where searching must be available and fast, Google said.

The GB-8008 can now search up to 7 million documents from a single query, a 75% improvement on the previous version, Google said.

Both the GB-5005 and new GB-8008 allow a systems administrator to create two layers of searchable information: a top layer of important documents that's updated hourly, and a larger, base layer that's updated daily, the company said.

Information can be held securely and made available only to those with the appropriate approval, Google said. The GSA can now search secure information protected by basic authentication software or Microsoft Corp.'s NT LAN Manager, Windows NT's challenge/response authentication protocol. All the documents from protected servers are held securely within the GSA and users are allowed to see only those documents to which they have access authorization, Google said.

The GSA is available on a four-week try-before-you-buy period, Google said.

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