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Techniques for Robust, Database-Driven Web Services

From Web Services Journal: Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager on the Business Components for Java development team, discusses how he built a recent Web services application.

'Simple' is Key to Web Services Best Practice

From atnewyork.com: "You can make a good case for using Web services if you make simple self-describing modular applications that are independent of any component model, implementation language, transport protocol, operating system and platform," says expert.

Web Services Security, Part 1

From WebServices.XML.com: The first in a four part series discussing major issues related to securing web services and covering the emerging XML-based security standards from the W3C and OASIS.

XML Transactions for Web Services

From XML.com: This three-part series of articles describes and demonstrates transactional Web services, elaborates why and when we may require web service transactions, and explains how WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction address the transactional requirements of Web services.

Special Report: Ensuring Successful Web Services Today and Tomorrow

From DevX.com: A five-part series on designing, developing and maintaining Web services, focusing on long-term sustainability and interoperability with existing IT systems.

Introduction to Web Services Management

From Developer.com: Analyze the requirements and develop a basic understanding of the core components of the Web Services Management Platform.

WebDictionary - WSDL v1.1

From SalCentral: A Web service that acts as a dictionary that translates keywords from one web programming language to the others.

Web services standards are good, but a Web services vision is better

From WebServices.org: The industry needs a common vision for Web services, and it needs it now for many reasons, but for starters, the customers want it.

Microsoft release Web Services Enhancements 1.0 for Visual Studio .NET

From WebServices.org: Support for the latest Web services specifications, such as WS-Security, WS-Routing and WS-Attachments.

META Group think Web services are key to 'Legacy externalisation'

From WebServices.org: 'According to META Group, more than 90% of large organizations will utilize host access products that externalize legacy applications via Web services by 2007.'

Web service objects in 15 minutes

From ITtoolbox: Read about a new software tool to make mainframes accessible to web services within 15 minutes.

Web Services and Straight Through Processing

From Web Services Architect: This article discusses the fundamentals of STP, the need for, driving forces behind, and benefits of STP, the current state of technology supporting STP, and the relationship of enterprise and business-to-business application integration and business process management with STP.

Web services : Demos

From IBM: You've read a lot about Web services, but have you ever seen them in action? Here's your chance.

An Introduction to WSIL

From O'Reilly's OnJava: The Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL) is an XML document format to facilitate the discovery and aggregation of Web service descriptions in a simple and extensible fashion.

Web Services with AppleScript and Perl

From O'Reilly's Perl.com: You can't create a SOAP Web service with AppleScript, but you can have it act as a SOAP Web client and use Perl to create the service. So it becomes a simple matter of passing structured data between Perl and AppleScript. Randal Schwartz explains how to enable Web services with these two scripting languages.

Creating Web Services with .NET

From Learn XML Web Services Development: This short document explains the basics of creating a Web service with .NET.

Invoking Web Services with .NET

From Learn XML Web Services Development: This short document explains the basics of invoking a Web service with .NET.

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