Classic Urban Legends

The following Web sites recount some of the most famous urban legends:

  • Bill Gates is giving away money to people who forward an e-mail message.
  • The Nieman Marcus/Mrs. Fields cookie recipe.
  • The Falkland Islands penguins that fall over on their backs while watching planes fly overhead.
  • The driver who was caught speeding by photo radar, mailed the cops a photo of money and got back a photo of handcuffs.
  • The Michigan homeowner who was found to be in violation of state laws because he hadn't obtained building permits for beaver dams built on his property.
  • The British cops whose traffic radar locked on a low-flying fighter jet, which mistook the radar for an enemy missile and armed one of its own missiles and prepared to fire on the perceived threat before the pilot became aware of the situation and overrode the system before the missile could be launched.

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