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I will be at 802.11 Planet in Boston on Wednesday and most likely Friday. So if you are attending the conference and see me walking around, feel free to stop me and say hello and let me know what you are up to. I will be one of the ones wearing the big press ribbon that the conference organizers give to reporters.

Cold water for Wi-Fi

It would figure that as soon as I make a public declaration that I think there might be something to all the hoopla surrounding Wi-Fi someone would come along and say it is more hype than reality. IDC has just completed a study saying a lot of the noise surrounding Wi-Fi might be just that, noise. In truth, though, I didn't read anything in the story to make me change my view that Wi-Fi will have an impact on offices and how we all do our jobs. The IDC study was dumping on "hot spots," which I have done many times myself and will probably continue to do because I am not convinced of their value as anything more than a marketing gimmick.

And now for some warm water

The Polynesian island of Niue, the world's smallest self-governed nation, is now a Wi-Fi zone. The Internet User Society of Niue has launched the world's first "nation-wide Wi-Fi" zone according to a press release put out by the society.

The service is provided free of charge to both the public and the government by the society. Richard St. Clair, co-founder and manager of the local chapter of the society, said "Wi-Fi is the perfect fit for the Island of Niue, where harsh weather conditions of rain, lightning, salt water and high humidity cause major problems with underground copper lines."

In addition to the islands' 2,000 inhabitants, tourists who arrive at Niue, many of whom come by yacht, will be able to have Internet access as well, according to the release.

Hands-free is dangerous too

Here is yet another story about how hands-free phones are no safer than any other kind of cell phone when used by the driver of a car or other large vehicle. Proving once again that the best way to handle a cell phone in an automobile is not to. But, I have to admit that I have been hammering away at this subject too much of late and I am declaring a 60-day moratorium on any new stories, if I remember. Of course, that doesn't rule out any readers who want to send me stories or comments pro and con. I will print them.

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