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WinFX: the new Windows API in Longhorn

From WinFX, the Longhorn API, is the API for Windows in Longhorn. Though WinFX in its first release within Longhorn is actually a peer to the Win32 API, it will eventually supersede the Win32 API (requires free registration).

Combine streams in one .NET Framework Stream object

From This article represents a simple Stream class whose data is based on the number of another .NET Framework streams.

J2ME Higlights

From Just to highlight some commong beginner errors while programming in Micro Java like: - date/time - user interface - RecordStore.

Java Web Component Tutorial

From A comprehensive introduction to Java Web Components that should give you a quick start on developing and writing good quality industrial level Web Component software. Everything will be explained from the very basics so you do not need to have any pre-requisites apart from basic Web development experience.

SOAP's Alive: Try the New Native SOAP Extensions for PHP

From With PHP5, Web services and everybody's favorite open source Web development language are now native pals.

A Simple DOM-Based XML Manager Class

From A simple wrapper class using DOM (Document Object Model) to manipulate XML files.

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Structured Exception Handling in Visual Studio .NET

From You have to handle exceptions in your programs, or the application will crash. (Users take exception to that.) Learn how to use Visual Studio's tools to throw and catch, elegantly and easily.

How to Write High-Performance C# Code

From .Net Developer's Journal: Writing code that runs quickly is sometimes at odds with writing code quickly. C.A.R. Hoare, computer science luminary and discoverer of the QuickSort algorithm, famously proclaimed, "Premature optimization is the root of all evil." The extreme programming design principle of "You Aren't Gonna Need It" (YAGNI) argues against implementing any features, including performance optimizations, until they're needed.

Building a Better Configuration Settings Class

From .NET provides a basic configuration management class, but it's not as flexible or easy to use as it could be. Find out how you can create a more flexible interface that provides strong typing, encryption, and write access to your application settings.

.NET Mobile Tutorial

From This tutorial is about how to develop mobile applications with an extension to the .NET Framework, called the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) or simply .NET Mobile.

Allowing Only Numbers in ASP. NET TextBoxes

From CustomValidator control lets you take charge of the validation process. You can wire up your own client side JavaScript with CustomValidator. In this article we will see how to use CustomValidator control to allow only numbers in an ASP.NET textbox.

Using the COM Component Categories Manager in .NET

From The Code Project: An article on using the the COM Component Categories Manager in .NET. Focuses mainly on interoping with COM and writing interfaces in MSIL.

How Caching Means More Ca-ching

From This article explains various options for caching in ASP.NET, which leads to faster applications and happier customers.

Developing a Web Ring using ASP.NET Web Service and User Control

From DotNetBips: A Web ring is nothing but a set of related sites linked to each other in some way. This code sample will tell you how to create such a web ring user control using ASP.NET.

Free Your C# Apps from .NET Platforms

From Visual Mainwin offers unprecedented platform flexibility, allowing you to develop applications in C# and deploy and run them on J2EE. Learn how to take advantage of this freedom by building a C# Web service that you can run on platforms besides .NET and IIS.

Visual Basic Tutorial

From An extensive VB 6 tutorial including information on ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and advancing your VB 6 skills to .NET.

Using WebRequest and WebResponse in .NET

From In order to develop applications that involve web and HTTP .NET provides two important classes - WebRequest and WebResponse. In this article we will see how to use WebRequest and WebResponse classes.

Experiences from a C# project - A Java developer's perspective

From This article is based on experiences on a year long C# .NET based web project that came to a successful completion recently. A number of lessons were learned along the way and this article is an attempt to capture some of these ideas, before jumping into something else totally different.

Using Message Queing in .NET applications

From Message Queing provides asynchronous programming model for your applications. This makes your application robust as message delivery is guranteed even if the remote server is out of service.

MSDN Chat Transcript: Debugging with Visual C#, Present and Future

From Microsoft C# and debugging team members answer user questions about configuration of the debugger, partial class generation and more. Life Without On Error Goto Statements

From MSDN: How the Try/Catch/Finally statement in Visual Basic .NET offers superior exception handling over the On Error Goto statement from VB6.

Adventures in Visual Basic .NET: Authentication and Authorization

From MSDN: How to use the .NET Principal and Identity concepts to implement custom authentication and authorization in Windows and Web applications.

Discovering Database Structure with VB .NET

From This article explains some useful techniques for learning about the structure of an MSDE or SQL Server database using Visual Basic .NET.

Managing SQL in Visual Studio .NET

From You can generate perfect SQL even if you aren't a SQL programmer, and you never have to leave Visual Studio .NET for most of your day-to-day SQL tasks.

Learn to Build Mobile Applications with Visual Studio and the .NET Compact Framework

From This download contains Microsoft training (2556 Course Sample) integrated into the Visual Studio Help system to help mobile application developers build the next generation of Microsoft mobile solutions.

Creating and Using .NET Components

From DotNetJohn.coftware engineering. This article looks at how we can implement one method of code reuse via the building of reusable components.

A few generics .Net terms

From Eric Gunnerson has been d i generics a bit more deeply, and would like to share some of the new terminology that will be floating around.

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Using JDBC with MySQL, Getting Started

From How to download, install and prepare a MySQL database as a localhost server on a Windows platform for use with JDBC. And how to write three simple JDBC programs to administer the database server and to manipulate data stored on the database server after it is installed.

Clean Up Your Mess: Managing Temp Files in Java Apps

From Creating and managing temporary files in a Java application can be a little tricky due to some open JVM bugs. Develop a workaround with some custom code and a clever design.

EJB 3.0 in a nutshell

From The much-awaited Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 early draft was released recently. This article provides a quick overview of the newly proposed EJB programming model, which includes metadata support, EJB Query Language (EJB QL) changes, the proposed entity bean model, a new way of accessing the bean context and runtime environment, and more. The author also discusses how the future of EJB is shaping up and reviews EJB 3.0's relationship to other concurrently developing specifications.

Object equality

From JavaWorld: This article describes the two most common methods in the Java language -— equals() and hashCode()—- and shows how they can be implemented correctly. The article also highlights the dangers of using instanceof in the equals() method.

Thread Synchronization in Java

From An elegant solution to the thorny issue of synchronizing multiple threads in Java apps.

Capture the benefits of asynchronous logging

From Develop an asynchronous log service using JMS and Hibernate.

Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code

From Seven techniques developed and used in Java book author's consulting work that are designed to improve legacy code, without a major investment in man hours or cash.

Enlisting Java in the War Against SPAM: Training the Body Screener

From Richard Baldwin presents a program for training his SPAM screening algorithm to do a better job of identifying SPAM based on the body text of SPAM messages using actual SPAM messages in a history folder.

Adding Workflow Control to Your Java Applications

From Combining a good workflow engine with your Java development process can help you gain efficiency, accountability, consistency, and reportability.

Java Web Component Tutorial

From This tutorial will be broken into several managable sections to form a comprehensive introduction to Java Web Components.

Go Wild Wirelessly with Bluetooth and Java

From Get started with Bluetooth Java development.

GZIPping with Java

From DevShed: The gzip format is the de facto standard compression format in the UNIX and Linux worlds. This article covers how to use the package to create and read files using the gzip format.

Advanced Forms Handling in Struts 1.1

From Struts has a rich set of HTML-tags for building form controls. Unfortunately it's often rather difficult to predict the exact syntax to use in a given situation. This article explores some of the more common issues when creating these forms with Struts.

Beginners Guide To J2ME

From An introduction to using Java for mobile applications.

The Power of Three - Eclipse, Tomcat, and Struts

From How Eclipse, Tomcat, and Struts can be a powerful set of tools, which can really help you get your Java projects done in a very solid development environment -- and the best part is they are all free.

Review: Macromedia Flex

From JavaBoutique: Finally J2EE developers have a decent rich client development platform. Well, we almost do. Macromedia's new Flex offering - currently in Beta - looks to serve up a native J2EE rich Internet application development platform that uses the ubiquitous Flash Player as the rich client.

Bringing Java into Perl

From How to use Java code from inside of Perl, using the Inline::Java module.

Beware the dangers of generic Exceptions

From JavaWorld: Catching and throwing generic Exceptions can get you into trouble quickly and quietly.

J2EE vs. .NET - An Executive Look

From Summary: The objective of this paper is to present an executive-level comparative analysis between Sun's J2EE and Microsoft's .NET platforms. It focuses on the main issues that drive a successful IT strategy, which are collaboration and profitability.

J2EE Activity Service for Extended Transactions

From Java Boutique: Today's businesses are getting increasingly complex and sophisticated and their demands are increasing in a proportional manner. This article demonstrates how the J2EE Activity service provides a middleware framework to support the implementation of extended transaction models.

Test e-mail components in your software

From JavaWorld: Write a simple email server that can integrate into your testing environment.

Dynamic JNLP

From developerWorks: This tutorial examines a custom, dynamic implementation of Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) to shift some of the server's processing load to the client. Veteran developer Claude Lacombe draws on his experience developing an industrial-sized application that required some modifications to JNLP and presents the fruits of his labor. A fully-functioning application is provided for guidance.

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Web Development

Sending Form Mail (PHP)

From Easily use PHP's mail() function to send emails and even do things like send blind carbon copies.

A Day in the Life of #Apache

From This concerns an Apache security issue. Learn how to configure Apache to send a different Server response so no one can identify what version of Apache you're running or any of the modules you have installed. The less information your server reveals, the safer it will be from crackers.

Better Navigation for Multilingual Sites

From It's a big world out there! Remember to code appropriately to reach global users.

JavaScript Object Detection

From Shorten your code by detecting document objects rather than checking for the browser type.

DreamWeaver MX - Using Tables for Layout

From Use this tutorial to learn about changing the layout of your tables using Dreamweaver. This tutorial covers how to specify background images and background color and set the border color and table spacing.

Introduction to "robots.txt"

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