All-in-one war-driving kit now available

A Chester, N.J.-based start-up has introduced an all-in-one war-driving kit designed to help even the technology-challenged sniff wireless LANs.

Airtouch Networks Inc. has developed war-driving kits that make it easy for inexperienced "sniffers," or even companies, to look for wireless networks, according to Umut Bitlisli, a consultant for the company.

Airtouch has bundled a wireless LAN network interface card and a high-gain antenna -- which users previously had to buy separately -- into a kit that also includes pointers to NetStumbler freeware and 30 days of technical support, Bitlisli said.

The company now offers two kits: a $299 "war-walking" model, which features a wand-type antenna and network interface card, and a $399 kit that offers the same card as well as a roof-mount magnetic antenna for a car or truck.

When asked if Airtouch has any ethical qualms about encouraging people to sniff someone else's network, Bitlisli pointed out that war driving is legal and that the products also have other legitimate uses, including locating wireless LAN freenets and allowing companies to conduct enterprise wireless LAN site surveys.

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