Decision-Making Styles of Industry Giants

Gary A. Williams says certain technology luminaries clearly illustrate the five decision styles. Here's who, why and how to get their attention.

Follower: Carly Fiorina

"Instead of doing things the HP way, she did them the way she's accustomed to. Followers do what has always worked but trying to get outside the box is very, very difficult for them."

Buzzwords: expedite, similar to, expertise, previous

Thinker: Michael Dell

"The amount of data that he has at his fingertips so he can analyze the business to make minute adjustments is just incredible."

Buzzwords: academic, quality, proof, expert

Charismatic: Steve Jobs

"At Next, he got so enthralled with the idea and the technology and didn't follow up with all the details of the implementation. The same with the Mac. He let someone else worry about the licensing."

Buzzwords: easy, clear, focus, results

Skeptic: Larry Ellison

"You know exactly where you stand right away. You rarely get a 'yes' but you get immediate feedback."

Buzzwords: feel, grasp, power, suspect

Controller: Greg Brady

"This is the way we're going to do it and I don't care what anyone else thinks. For i2's growth phase he was excellent."

Buzzwords: facts, just do it

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