UPS launches Quantum View Manage

It allows small package customers to better track shipments in their own supply chains

United Parcel Service Inc. today launched Quantum View Manage, an application that allows its small package shippers to better track package movements within their own supply chains.

Once shippers have the tracking information, they can use it to improve service to their customers, according to UPS spokeswoman Laurie Mallis.

The Web-based application allows shippers to view shipment information for multiple accounts without a tracking number, so they can see when a package is processed, where it is in transit, when it arrives or if and why it is delayed, according to Mallis.

"Customers can customize the information that they're receiving, because different departments within different companies have different needs," she said. "For example, the customer service department might want to know if a package has been shipped or if there's a delay due to customs clearance or weather. They'll be notified via e-mail, so they see problems before their customers do, so it allows them to provide better customer service."

In addition, a shipper's finance department could use the confirmed delivery notice to automatically trigger an invoice and customize its view to see all outstanding c.o.d. orders, Mallis said. Quantum View Manage can also help with managing inventory.

Mallis said one company uses the product to help with inventory management.

The biggest advantage is that customers are getting information proactively, she said; they don't have to dig to find it -- it's at their fingertips.

Mallis said all 622 customers who tested the product, which is offered to them at no charge, have migrated to it. In addition, another 300 customers are asking for it.

Brad Boudreau, customer service manager at in Attleboro, Mass., said Quantum View Manage has increased his productivity by 50% to 60%.

"There's a feature called an exception where it proactively notifies us if something was delayed because of weather or bad address or anything like [that] and we can call our customer to let them know," he said. "We've enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it has helped us cut the time we spend responding to 'where's my order' calls."

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