Outsourcing: Voices From the Front Lines

Editor's note: Developers may be affected by offshore outsourcing more than any other IT group, so we asked readers of the Development newsletter to submit their own, first-person accounts of their experiences with outsourcing.

Many respondents requested their name and company affiliation not be used, so each submission contains the author's initials only. Also, many responses included specific references about the actions of certain companies. Because it's beyond the scope of this report to contact these companies and include their responses, all company names have been removed.

Forced to train replacements

"I am being forced to sell my home and move my family in with my in-laws until something turns up."

Forced to train replacements, 2

"A year ago, I was informed that my job was being shipped to India and I would need to train my replacements."

Life in Russia

"The dark side of local software development (and outsourcing development in particular) is rarely described in ubiquitous articles on the subject."

Lucky to have a job

"It took me six months to find a new position, which I am very grateful to have."

More power to them

"If Indians (or anyone else) can do the work as well or better and for less, power to them."

Lost faith

"I have lost my faith and admiration for the American way of life."

Bordering on treason

"What is most upsetting about it is that the same corporations that have swindled most of us out of our retirement funds are now sending work offshore."

Outsourcing disaster

"I believe about 80% of the projects were incorrect and were sent back at least two to three times to be completed correctly."

Can't expect long-term career

"I am confident that in the next year or two, it will be revealed to us U.S. developers that we are no longer needed."

Livelihood taken away

"The only jobs I see available to me in this economy are comission-only sales jobs. And even those are hard to find."

Developers and operations being "surplused"

"The outsourcing project is in a lot of trouble and may ultimately fail."

How about an article on what can't be outsourced?

"I'm interested in getting Microsoft certification, but not if the work won't be available because it's being done for slave wages overseas."

What do you think? Post your thoughts and see what others have to say in our outsourcing discussion forum.

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