Sidebar: A Sunrise 2005 Glossary

Becoming Sunrise 2005-compliant is just one in a series of steps many retailers will be taking toward the goal of global data synchronization. Here are some of the related terms we'll be hearing more about in the years ahead:

EAN: European Article Numbering. EAN International is the organization that administers the European product codes used throughout most of the world.

UCC: Uniform Code Council. The organization manages the U.S. UPC system and jointly manages the EAN/UCC system with EAN International.

GTIN: Global Trade Item Number. The EAN/UCC 14-digit numbering system that will uniquely identify products and services as a step toward global data synchronization. The number itself can be from eight to 14 digits long with any empty leading spaces filled with zeros. The GTIN can accommodate all the other product codes used around the world, as well as the emerging reduced space symbology, for small or perishable items, and radio-frequency ID codes.

GLN: Global Location Number. The numeric code that identifies a physical, functional or legal entity. It contains a reference number for retrieving additional information (address, phone numbers, hours of operation and other items) about the vendor from a central registry (see UCCnet).

Global data synchronization: The electronic matching of GTIN and its associated attributes. This requires a single global registry to provide identical, up-to-date information to all parties' databases. By eliminating errors from catalogs and reducing the time it takes to introduce new products, data synchronization is expected to save manufacturers and retailers billion of dollars per year.

UCCnet A subsidiary of the UCC that may serve as the global data registry, providing synchronized EAN/UCC item information.

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