Netscape 7.2 released

There's life in the old Web browser yet

After being written off by industry observers last year, America Online Inc.'s browser unit showed signs of life yesterday as it released an update to its Netscape Web browser.

Netscape Communications Corp. released Netscape 7.2, the successor to the aging Version 7.1 released in mid-2003. The update, which had been expected since earlier this year, is based on Version 1.7 of Mozilla, the most recent version of the Mozilla Internet application suite.

Improvements in the new Netscape Web browser include tabbed Web browsing, improved print preview and integrated AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ, according to Netscape.

Analysts had said that the death knell was sounding for the Netscape browser after AOL last year laid off essentially all of its Netscape software developers and ended development work on the Mozilla browser technology (see story).

Development work was taken over by the Mozilla open-source project, which was originally started in early 1998 by Netscape and continued when AOL acquired Netscape later that year. Last year, the people behind Mozilla created a foundation, largely funded by a $2 million pledge from AOL, to build, support and promote Mozilla products.

While it has been quiet on the Netscape browser front, AOL hasn't retired the Netscape brand, which it acquired six years ago in a $4.2 billion deal. AOL is testing a new Netscape Desktop Navigator product and in January launched the Netscape Internet service, a low-cost Internet service provider.

Netscape was the most popular browser in the early years of the Web. However, its market share started crumbling when Microsoft Corp. introduced Internet Explorer in the mid-1990s. The acquisition of Netscape by Microsoft rival AOL and a lengthy antitrust trial couldn't change the browser's fortune.

Internet Explorer did lose some market share this year as a result of several highly publicized security vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Web browser. However, Explorer continues to be, by far, the most widely used browser, with about 95% market share, according to San Diego-based Web tracking company WebSideStory Inc.

Netscape 7.2 is available for Windows, Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X and Linux.

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