Sidebar: Glossary of terms related to SOA

Here are definitions of terms that are related to service-oriented architecture.

  • Enterprise service bus: A software infrastructure that uses a standard interface and messaging to integrate applications, one way to implement an SOA.
  • Granularity: Object-oriented programming software typically uses a relatively fine level of granularity. For example, objects might be defined at the level of employee or customer order. In an SOA, however, services are defined at a broader, more abstract level -- for example, a business process such as generating a phone bill. This is called coarse granularity.
  • Message-oriented middleware (MOM): A mechanism for connecting applications, sometimes across platforms. Data resides in message queues, where receiving programs can retrieve it without creating a direct connection with the sending applications.
  • Publish-subscribe: A system where services post (or publish) data that other services can request (or subscribe to). When the published information changes, the subscribed services automatically receive updates.
  • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol, an XML-based protocol that defines a framework for passing messages between systems over the Internet. See also our QuickStudy on SOAP.
  • UDDI: Universal Description, Discovery and Integration, a standards-based method for registering Web services. To learn more about UDDI, see Computerworld's QuickStudy on UDDI.
  • WSDL: Web Services Description Language, an XML-based language used to describe services within UDDI.

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