Sidebar: Microsoft Realigns Windows Unit

Microsoft last week reshuffled its platforms and services division just two days after disclosing that shipments of its new Windows Vista software will be delayed.

The realignment includes the creation of a new group, to be headed by Senior Vice President Steve Sinofsky, to oversee development of the Windows operating system and Windows Live services.

The restructuring is part of a plan by the vendor to repair what it called a lack of agility and growth in the division that oversees its largest property, Windows. It also breaks up and renames groups that were formerly a part of the MSN division.

Kevin Johnson, co-president of the platforms and services division, announced the changes in an e-mail to the division. Johnson said he and Co-President Jim Allchin worked out the changes together to prepare for Allchin's impending retirement at the end of this year.

The Windows and Windows Live group now overseen by Sinofsky is one of eight that make up the platforms and services division, according to Microsoft.

Sinofsky joined Microsoft in 1989 as a software design engineer and had been with the Office team since its formation in 1994, first serving as the director of program management for that group.

— Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

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