Battle of the Bulge

Thin provisioning puts storage-hungry users on a diet.

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Pressing for answers to such questions and using the thin-provisioning options now on the market can keep storage-hungry project managers and business units from piling their plates full only to leave chunks of capacity untouched. These strategies will also let company officials avoid having to resort to mothers' "starving children in China" arguments to prevent users from staking claim to more storage than they'll ever use.

Wasting Away
A survey of 20 companies that have implemented or plan to implement thin provisioning turned up the following statistics:

80% of IT staffs consider the upfront work that goes into projecting storage volumes to be a huge drain on resources.55% of companies polled had between 31% and 50% of their storage stranded and unusable.Almost 50% of those enterprises included in the study were in the process of buying new storage systems, even though officials were aware of significant existing storage volumes that were going unused.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group Inc., October 2005

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