RSA: ISS announces new security products

Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS) today announced a group of new products aimed at helping network administrators, including a network anomaly detection system.

ISS's new Proventia Network Anomaly Detection System is designed to identify points of failure on networks and to respond quickly to network changes without a need for extensive network administrator interaction, the company said. The system uses an integrated group of analysis engines to monitor networks.

The system will allow network administrators to closely monitor critical services, shut down unused or unauthorized ports, and segment networks to prevent the spread of worms, ISS said.

Proventia Network Anomaly Detection System can be used either as a stand-alone ISS product or as an integrated component of ISS's enterprise security platform, ISS announced at the RSA Conference 2006 in San Jose.

In addition, ISS announced the Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner, which is designed to move the company's product line from vulnerability assessment to complete vulnerability management and protection. Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner offers customers automatic and continuous vulnerability scanning, including a set of workflow and reporting tools. The scanner is an "easy-to-install" appliance with a simple graphical user interface, ISS said.

ISS also unveiled a new hardware design for its intrusion-prevention technology. ISS's new Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System is designed to be easier to use for network administrators and marks the company's transition to custom-built appliance platforms, the company said.

In other RSA Conference 2006 news:

  • Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a new hardware security product: the Sun Crypto Accelerator 6000 (SCA6000), which is designed as a hardware security module for Sun Fire servers with a tamper-resistant secure crypto key store. The product is aimed at Web services, e-commerce, finance and banking, government, health care and other industries.

    The SCA6000 product includes support for several security protocols, has a comprehensive set of public key and symmetric crypto algorithms and allows for secure remote key management, Sun said. The SCA6000 supports Sun's Solaris 10 operating system and will support Red Hat and SUSE Linux later this year.

    The SCA6000 will be available April 28; pricing begins at $1,350.
  • SanDisk Corp. announced partnerships with security vendors in an effort to provide an easy-to-use way to protect consumers against online fraud. SanDisk also entered into a third partnership to protect enterprises against the theft of corporate data.

    SanDisk will add security functionality to its line of USB flash drives and mobile cards using TrustedFlash technology. TrustedFlash combines SanDisk's 32-bit controller architecture with an embedded cryptographic engine to provide real-time encryption and tamper-resistant security to keep stored data highly secure.

    The partnerships include agreements with VeriSign Inc., RSA Security Inc. and Safend Inc., which offers software that controls data access from the physical ports of all enterprise endpoints.

    In the VeriSign partnership, SanDisk plans to embed the VeriSign Identity Protection service one-time password algorithms into SanDisk TrustedFlash devices. SanDisk also plans to embed the RSA SecurID one-time-password algorithm into SanDisk TrustedFlash devices, enabling two-factor authentication for customers who purchase SanDisk mass-storage devices at retail outlets.

    Through the Safend partnership, SanDisk hopes to give companies a way to deploy removable USB storage and help to ensure that corporate information doesn't "walk out the door" in someone's purse or pocket. The partnership with Safend will allow corporate users of secure SanDisk USB devices to back up, store and transfer information within the company while protecting unauthorized data from being transferred to outside systems, SanDisk said.

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