Sidebar: Big Iron, Big Pipes, Big Problems

Here are just a few of the systems that climate scientists are using today to research global warming trends. MIT's Patrick Heimbach says his goal is to have access to 20,000 processors that are each 100 times faster than what he's using today.

  • MIT

    Alliance for Computational Earth Science (ACES) PC Grid

    • 500 Pentium 4 CPUs
    • 1TB of memory and 10TB of near-line storage
    • User sites connected by 10Gbit/sec. Ethernet. PCs connected by 1Gbit/sec. Ethernet
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research

    Blue Sky

    • 1,600, 1.3-GHz Power4 CPUs
    • 2GB memory per processor
    • 8.3TFLOPS peak performance
    • 31TB disk capacity
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

    Silicon Graphics Altix 3000

    • 20 Altix or Vortex systems, each with 512 1.5-GHz Itanium 2 CPUs and 3.8MB to 7.6MB of memory
  • Abilene Network

    • An Internet2 backbone IP network to 220 universities and research labs
    • OC-192c (10Gbit/sec.) backbone employing optical transport technology and advanced high-performance routers

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