Shark Tank: No, really, I mean it

User calls to complain about a very high-pitched whine coming from her PC, and when this support pilot fish shows up to diagnose the problem, he immediately understands her complaint. "It's extremely annoying, and I have a headache within minutes," says fish.

"I make a few quick checks to be sure it's not one of the system fans, and then I tell her that it's probably the hard drive. Of course, I explain that I will need to run a couple more checks at the office before I can say for certain, but I'm pretty confident I'm right."

User isn't sure whether she wants to have the hard drive replaced or simply replace the more-than-4-year-old PC. She'll call fish later with a decision, she says. OK, says fish, but don't wait too long -- and be sure to back up your files to the server.

Later that day, user calls fish to tell him she doesn't think the problem is the hard drive after all. When she turns off the monitor, the whine goes away. She wants to have the monitor replaced.

Fish is dubious, but he says OK and reminds her again to back up her files to the server just in case.

Next day, fish arrives to find the PC useless. The hard drive is completely locked up. At least you have the files backed up, right? he asks.

"Well, I thought since it was the monitor causing the whine that the hard drive was OK and that I didn't need to back it up," says user.

Um, when was the last time you backed up your files?

"I'm not sure. Do I have a folder on the server for that?"

Sighs fish, "She's now trying to get approval to spend up to $3,000 to recover the files from her dead drive."

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