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This system was designed to enable distributed teams, such as fire and police personnel, to work efficiently and coordinate operations. The system consists of wireless-networked PDA-like devices with integrated location sensing and knowledge management services. Key innovations include intuitive user interfaces designed for environments characterized by limited visibility, orientation difficulties and poor situation awareness; an architectural approach based on a common data model, data-driven displays and XML schema to create visual and aural content that is device-portable.

Microsoft Research
Indy + Magpie
Indy allows IT professionals to ask what-if questions in a virtual performance environment. It encodes knowledge and best practices from application product groups in predefined application models, automatically configures these models through integration with an enterprise management infrastructure, and automatically calibrates and validates these models against a live environment. Magpie adds the ability to create Indy application models automatically, by inference and coalescence of event trace logs from every machine on which a distributed application runs, building a model of a line-of-business application simply by watching it work.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Secure E-mail List Services


This technology provides confidentiality, integrity and authentication for e-mail list services and is compatible with existing e-mail standards and systems. Its prototype works with a wide range of e-mail client software and provides easy-to-install plug-ins for commonly used list servers. The goal is to provide security for corporate information assets and privacy for customer and employee information by encrypting sensitive data and ensuring only authorized users can access it.

NetManage Inc.
OnWeb Mobile
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This technology enables remote employees' connectivity to existing corporate applications, giving them real-time decision-making capabilities that boost responsiveness, productivity and cost savings. It requires no change to existing enterprise systems and supports AS/400, mainframe, packaged applications and .Net and J2EE applications. Key technology highlights include multithreaded, robust and scalable support for connection pooling, load balancing and fail-over, and the ability to export JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans, .Com and .Net objects, Web services, HTML and BizTalk schemas.

Palo Alto Research Center
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This technology enables system administrators to easily enable users to configure their wireless devices to the best available standards. To use the technology, users take a new device, such as a laptop, to an enrollment station, and then point (for example, through infrared or sound) to the station, indicating their desire to enroll the laptop in the corporate wireless network. After the exchange of trust information, which occurs when the device is pointed at the station, the user is informed by e-mail that their digital certificate is ready. The user's laptop installs the digital certificate using PARC's enrollment software, and configures the laptop according to policy settings provided by the enterprise's IT staff.

Palo Alto Research Center
Privacy Box
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This appliance is being designed to protect privacy while allowing data to be put to beneficial use. Operating as a privacy firewall, a privacy appliance sits between data consumers and data sources to filter queries into data sources and return only data that doesn't violate privacy. The appliances are owned and operated by the data owners. The privacy appliance performs inference control to identify queries that compromise privacy, access control to detect and prohibit colluding users from pooling query results to identify individuals or otherwise compromise privacy, and software to generate a tamper-proof audit trail that captures query history.

Sana Security Inc.
Active Malware Defense
The automated functionalities of this technology offer instant detection, classification and response to malware, and, unlike other products, the ability to kill and quarantine malicious programs.

Tacit Software Inc.
Tacit ActiveNet
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For commercial organizations, routine disconnects can cost millions of dollars and thousands of hours on an annualized basis. This software continuously and automatically discovers each employee's work focus, expertise and business relationships, helping employees leverage past project successes and failures, make critical decisions based on an awareness of the organization, and tap the valuable experience of others.

University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computing
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This platform enables the rapid and principled creation of intelligent agents that can be used to faciliate interpretation, monitoring and alerting, and information extraction and fusion. Agents can be used for dynamic collaborations of disparate systems. These agents can be created and customized quickly, and can participate in multiple applications with little or no modification.

University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computing
The Story project
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This prototype can extract information about entities (persons, events, places) from Web-based sources and other data sources and create stories from them. The system examines multiple, distributed data sources, extracts interesting factoids from each data source, then integrates these to produce a narrative targeted at the interest of the specific user. It uses an operations research style mathematical model to pack a story with facts that are pertinent to a user's interests, accessing vast amounts of unstructured or partially structured data across disparate sources and filtering that data into small stories.

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