The New World of Application Development

Developers are dealing with SOA, global collaborators and multiple taskmasters.

Ten years ago, programming wasn't easy, but the task was relatively straightforward: You wrote code to meet the requirements document, the little bit of collaboration you did was with IT people just down the hall, and regulators hadn't discovered IT process controls. Now, as the Disney song says, it's a whole new world. In this special report, we've identified three megatrends that are dramatically changing the way application development teams work.

1. The emergence of the service-oriented architecture requires a lot more attention to code reuse and closer ties to the business. You've heard it before, but this time it's for real. "The biggest chore has been getting people to have a reuse mind-set," says Mike Missler, program manager of the reuse initiative at Sabre Holdings.

2. Team members may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. You get the best talent, wherever it resides, but managing the project can be a nightmare without the right tools and processes in place.

3. Regulators, auditors, testers and business managers are pulling developers in different directions. New compliance work is making IT projects take 15% to 20% longer, while the business managers fret about "speed to market."

In the following articles, you'll learn how IT leaders are dealing with these new pressures on the application development group. Hopefully the useful insights will drive that saccharine Disney song out of your head.

Mitch Betts is executive editor at Computerworld. Contact him at

Special Report

The New World of Application Development

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