Ask a Premier 100 IT Leader: Andrew C. Armishaw

Andrew C. Armishaw

Group Executive, CIO

HSBC Technology & Services

Premier 100 IT Leader, 2005

Armishaw is this month's guest Premier 100 IT Leader, answering readers' questions about landing a job in the network security field and combining business and IT skills. If you have a question you'd like to pose to one of our Premier 100 IT Leaders, send it to and watch for this column each month.

I financed my own CISSP certificate for career advancement during a layoff period, but I don't have much pure security management experience and my current career is wasting away my other network skills. How do I find a job in network security while working full time and without having 10-plus years of experience? -- M.V.

Sometimes the best place to look is within your current company. An employee who is willing to learn new skills to improve himself and his organization is invaluable.

Arrange an informational interview with key managers in the network security department of your organization. Discuss the opportunities they have, and market the skills you can bring to the group. Remember, your knowledge of the organization, culture and people is an advantage over an external candidate.

I'm pursuing a degree course in business IT. The course encompasses both business units and IT units. Which are the most viable career lines to opt for? -- N.O.

Both business and IT career paths are viable. The business must understand how technology can provide business solutions, and technology must understand the business to provide those solutions. The employee who incorporates both disciplines is an asset to the organization.


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