Tethered to Treo

How's this for irony: The reason Chris Nimsky has become so attached to his Palm Treo smart phone is that his company encourages face-to-face communications. "We try to emphasize that if you have something to talk about with someone, go to them instead of peppering them with e-mails all day," says Nimsky, who is senior property director at Edmunds.com, an online source for automotive information.

Tethered to Treo

But between visiting people at their desks and attending meetings, Nimsky is away from his desk for hours at a time. So if he didn't have an e-mail device with him at all times, he'd miss a lot of messages.

Nimsky recently upgraded from the Treo 600 to the Windows Mobile Treo smart phone from Verizon Wireless. The new version lets him separate his personal e-mail and calendaring functions from his work functions, which he couldn't do on the old Treo. That meant carrying two devices. "How many things do you want in your pocket at one time?" he says.

On Nimsky's wish list is an integrated Wi-Fi card on his Treo. "I'd never buy one, because they're the size of a postage stamp and I'd lose it," he says. But if it were part of the device, it would kick into Wi-Fi mode when there was no cell coverage. And that would mean he wouldn't have to take his Wi-Fi-enabled laptop with him to continue getting e-mail on his next Colorado ski vacation.

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