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"If you prefer to stay in the world of technology, such as infrastructure and services, then do whatever you can to be absolutely excellent at that," says Gartner analyst Diane Morello. "That could mean taking on different types of assignments, exposing yourself to new challenges beyond your customary comfort zone or working with new types of disciplines. It's different from just being good. Like a company that benchmarks itself against best practices, you as a professional benchmark yourself against others to see where you stand."

Get as much project management experience as possible, advises Kate Kaiser, an associate professor at Marquette University. The job doesn't have to include the actual managing, she adds, "but being on projects to learn how to be a good manager. Even projects that fail are learning experiences."

Foote Partners' David Foote advises IT workers who prefer to deepen their technical skills to pursue jobs with third-party providers. "Aim for the service firms or these enabler, infrastructure jobs," he says.

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